Instructions for Pool Maintenance

Here you can Find Basic instructions of how to keep your pool clean and safe step by step.

Cleaning the filter basket and skimmers

The roll of the skimmer is to gather leafs and objects that flows on the water. Blocked skimmers will interfere water circulation and will burden the pump functioning.

נעם מנקה
Connecting suction head

 Connecting suction head

To clean the pool floor we will need suction head.

Suction head

 Suction head

We use it when we want to clean the pool floor.

Floating pipe
Telescopic pole

 Telescopic pole          Floating pipe

Connect the pole to suction head. Take the floating pipe and fill it with water and connect it to one of the skimmers while the suction head is inside the water. Close the suction tap to achieve maximum suction from the skimmer that we are connecting too. Wait that all the air will sucked and begin the suction from the pool floor.

An example of close/open valve

5  close valve          6  open valve

Pick up remaining leafs with leaf net in case of remaining leafs floating on the water, after finishing cleaning the pool with the suction unit.

7 Leaf net

Automatic Cleaning –with Robots

8 Robot

There are many kinds of robots cleaners for pools. The roll of the robot is to clean automatically the pool floor. There are also robots that cleans the walls of the pool as well. It is very important to clean the robot basket after each time of operation. It is recommended to read the manufacturer instructions.

Do not enter the pool while the robot is operating!!

Machine Room

There is a need to maintain the machine room as well

Cleaning Hair Filter

First turn off rotating pump

9 Rotating Pump


1.     Close in and out valves

2.     Open the hair cover filter

3.     Take out the filter and clean it

4.     Put it back in place gently

5.     Open the valves back

10 Rotating pump filter

  Sand Filter


1. Open the drain valve

2. Change the mode on the filter main valve to “Back wash”

3. Turn on the rotating pump. On the top of the filter there is a transparent glass to indicate the water situation. Keep the drain valve open until the transparent glass shows clear water.

4. When the glass indicates that water are clean, turn off rotating pump and switch the filter valve to “RINSE” position

כוסית דגימה

 Transparent Glass

5. Turn on rotating pump and make sure the open/ close valves in and out are open and the circulation is working.

6. Close the drain valve

מסנן חול


Water Test Set

Test strips are quick way to test the pool for adequate sanitizer levels as well as pH and total alkalinity. Proper testing also ensures that calcium levels are maintained and that there are no metals present in the pool water. These tests can be completed by you or your pool professional. In order to prevent scaling or corrosive action and to achieve maximum swimmer comfort, the pool water should be balanced to the following levels:

15       16

Salt Device

מכשיר מלח לבריכה

There are several of things that influence the level of chlorine: seasons, size of the pool and frequency of using the pool. Using salt device allows you the possibility to determine the amount of chlorine production in percentage.

To adjust level of PH when it’s in high level, we use salicylic acid to reduce PH. In case of low PH we use basic materials such as soda fire or PH+  

Salt Device produce chlorine from dismantling the salt. Adding more water to the pool require us to add more salt. It is important to read manufacturer instructions. When the salt device is indicating there is not enough salt in the pool you should check first the electrode and clean it. Dirty electrode can cause an invalid reading of the amount of salt inside the pool. Dirty electrode can occur because of fur in the water.

How to clean electrode?



1.    Turn off the pump.

2.    Close the inlet and outlet valves

3.    Close the salt device with cork

4.    Mix 40% acid with 60% water and pour it inside the salt device

5.    Wash the device and assemble it back.

6.    Turn on the system and let it work. In case the device indicate low salt, add gradually more salt to the pool and wait till the system circulate the water until the device indicate that the level of salt is right.

7.    When the device does not react to the changes after cleaning, you might consider replacing the electrode. In that case it is better to consult with certified installer.

The amount of salt to add inside the pool is according to manufacturer instructions.

Most devices works on salt concentrations between 2800-4500 ppm. That means you need to add for every 1,000 liters of water between 2.5- 4.5 Kg. of salt.

How to treat fatness inside the pool

Fatness is floating on water and in some cases stick to upper wall of the pool and creates brown stain. To clean it, you can use magic sponge for PVC pools. Fiberglass pool needs extra caution when cleaning not to arm pool coating.

Stagnant water (sea weed)

Stagnant water appears inside the pool on the pool floor when there is not enough chlorine or the chlorine is not well circulating in the water. In that case you should use HTH POWDER. Use the HTH POWDER directly on the sea weed and scrub it with a brush connected to telescope pole.

Do not use the HTH POWDER on PVC covers. Instead use liquid chlorine.

In case of chronic problem we can use ALGAZID to prevent growing of sea weed. You need to consult with pool man or reading the manufacturer instructions before using the product.

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